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March 31-2014 Cheap Tubes Has completed our move into our new 16,000 S.F. manufacturing facility.   We can be reached at 802-254-6969 or 802-869-5555 phone. Our new fax # is 802-869-5554.  Our new mailing address is 3992, rte 121 STE 3, Grafton, VT 05146.

What is Graphene?

Graphene is a one atom thick sheet or film of carbon atoms. It is strong yet low weight and it conducts heat and electricity. In fact, graphene is the most thermally conductive material known to man. Scientists had theorized about graphene for decades before it was successfully synthesized in the lab in 2004 by Geim et al. It is two-dimensional, it interacts favorably with light and with other materials.  Graphene is a highly crystalline carbon sheet. Carbon atoms are densely packed in a regular hexagonal sp2 bonded structure. It can best be envisioned as a one-atom thick layer of graphite.

Graphene Products

We specialize in providing a wide variety of high quality, low cost graphene products.  We supply modified hummers method Graphene Oxide-GO in both Single and Few Layer Layer form.  We supply our high quality Graphene Nanoplatelets-GNPs in pristine or functionalized versions. Monolayer CVD graphene films as well as spin coated GO films which are available in oxide or reduced forms. Please contact us today to discuss your needs.

Our Grade 4 Graphene Nanoplatelets-GNPs are exfoliated from crystalline graphite. We use Sri Lankan vein graphite, the most crystalline graphite available.  They can be functionalized with a wide variety of groups and we can tailor the amount to your application. They are friable so the layers separate (disperse) easily from each other.  GraphenX is fully synthetic and made from CO2 and MgO, it isn't mined so it doesn't have the same variations as raw graphite has.

Graphene Sheet Molecular Structure

Graphene Oxide Molecular Structure

Graphene Films & Coatings

Single Layer Graphene Oxide

Few Layer Graphene Oxide

Dispersed Graphene Oxide or Graphene Nanoplatelets

Graphene Nanoplatelets

GraphenX Synthetic Graphene

Graphene Oxide

CVD Monolayer Graphene Films

Graphene Ink


Graphene Molecular Structure

Above- the molecular structure of a CVD graphene film

Graphene Oxide Molecular Structure


Above- the molecular structure of graphene oxide


Graphene Films and Coatings

An image of GO and RGO Coatings on Glass, SI, or Polyimide Substrates.


monolayer graphene coated wafer image

CVD Graphene Films

Please contact us for monolayer, bilayer, or trilayer CVD Films on SiO2/SI, PET, or Quartz substrates.


Graphene Images

single layer graphene oxide

Above-SLGO AFM image

few layer (2-4 layer) graphene oxide tem image

Above- Few Layer (2-4L) FLGO TEM image


Dispersed Graphene

graphene oxide in DI water prior to dispersiongraphene oxide cavitation during dispersion

graphene oxide post dispersiongraphene oxide ready for sale

Above from top left- SLGO in Di water prior to dispersion, SLGO cavitation during dispersion, an SLGO solution post dispersion, SLGO dispersion ready for sale.

Cheap Tubes can also supply single layer and few layer graphene oxide dispersions. Our standard concentration is 2mg/ml but higher concentrations up to 10mgs/ml are available.  Please inquire with us to find out pricing.  We can provide our graphene oxide dispersions in Water or DMF solvents without the use of surfactants. We also supply dispersed graphene nanoplatelets which do require stabilization with surfactants.

Graphene Nanoplatelets Products

graphene nanoplatelets

Above- Grade 4 GNPs, Research Grade

GNP Products

Grade 3 Industrial Grade GNPs

Grade 4 Research Grade functionalized GNPs which can be provided with O+, COOH, F, N2 & NH2 groups

graphenx synthetic graphene

Above- GraphenX Synthetic GNPs

Grade 5 Synthetic GNPs- This product is 100% synthetic GNPs and is less than 2nm thick.  The X & Y dimensions are 20-100nm.  This material is a preproduction material and some processes are still being refined and changed. 


We can supply graphene ink based on our Grade 4 GNP product.

Our graphene ink is suitable for a variety of coating methods including slot die, flexo, gravure and others