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March 31-2014 Cheap Tubes Has completed our move into our new 16,000 S.F. manufacturing facility.   We can be reached at 802-254-6969 or 802-869-5555 phone. Our new fax # is 802-869-5554.  Our new mailing address is 3992, rte 121 STE 3, Grafton, VT 05146.


We specialize in providing a wide variety of high quality graphene. Cheap Tubes can supply many types of high quality Graphene products.  We can supply modified hummers method Graphene Oxide in both Single and Few Layer Layer form.  We supply our high quality Graphene Nanoplatelets in Industrial, Research, or Functionalized versions. CVD graphene films as well as spin coated GO films which can be oxide or reduced versions are also available. Please contact us today to discuss your graphene needs

Our Grade 4 Graphene Nanoplatelets-GNPs are plasma exfoliated from crystalline graphite.  They can be functionalized with a wide variety of groups and we can tailor the amount to your application.  CVD Graphene films are also available.

  Our Graphene oxide is highly soluble in Di Water, DMF, THF and NMP.  Our Grade 4 GNPs contain substantial graphene content and are friable so they separate easily from each other.  Our GraphenX graphene is fully synthetic and made from CO2 and MgO, it isn't mined so it doesn't have the same variations as raw graphite has.

Graphene Films & Coatings

Single & Few Layer Graphene Oxide

Graphene Nanoplatelets

GraphenX Synthetic Graphene

CVD Graphene Films


graphene oxide films

An image of Graphene Oxide and Reduced Graphene Oxide Coatings on Glass, SI, or Polyimide Substrates.


single layer graphene oxide

Above-Single Layer Graphene Oxide


graphene nanoplatelets

Above- Graphene Nanoplatelets, Research Grade

GNPs are available in

Grade 3 Industrial Grade Graphene Nanoplatelets

Grade 4 Research Grade Graphene Nanoplatelets which can be provided with O+, COOH, F, N2 & NH2 groups


graphenx synthetic graphene

Above- GraphenX Synthetic Graphene

Grade 5 Synthetic Graphene Graphene Nanoplatelets- This product is 100% synthetic graphene.  It has substantial single layer graphene content and is less than 2nm thick.  The X & Y dimensions are 20-100nm.  This material is a preproduction material and some processes are still being refined and changed. 

monolayer graphene coated wafer

CVD Graphene Films

Please contact us for CVD Graphene Films.  We can supply monolayer graphene on Cu Foil.  We can also supply Monolayer, Bilayer, & Trilayer Graphene Films on SiO2/SI, PET, or Quartz substrates.