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Fullerenes consist of pure carbon atoms, arranged in a lattice that can either form a ball or sphere shape and are typically 1.4nm diameter. Their number denotes the amount of carbon atoms in their structure. C60, has 60 carbon atoms arranged like a soccer ball.  If the buckyball is stretched in the middle and has an outer diameter <100nm, they are called carbon nanotubes.

We supply C60 and C70. Surface modified C60 and C70 are available upon request.

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Fullerene Structure

Fullerenes are named after structure they resemble which was developed by renowned architect Buckminster Fuller.

Fullerenes are the original nanomaterial!

Since their discovery, research has led to an ever increasing number of new compounds, already more than one thousand.

The discovery of fullerenes also led to research in carbon nanotubes, the cylindrical cousins of buckyballs, and the development of new fields of advanced materials and eventually the highly touted graphene.

Twenty-five years after their discovery, they’ve provided abundant research opportunities in pure chemistry, materials science, pharmaceutical chemistry, and nanotechnology. Their structure is composed of 5 member carbon atom rings separated by 6 member carbon atoms rings.

Types Of Fullerenes

Fullerene Applications

Fullerenes Applications take advantage of their unique carbon atom arrangement. They are primarily used to enhance conduction. They do not provide large mechanical property improvements due to their low aspect ratio. Applications include;

Photo detectors and photo voltaics

Polymer Electronics

Antioxidants & Biopharmaceuticals

Polymer Additives


Showing all 3 results