Monolayer Graphene Films on CU

CVD Graphene On Cu

Monolayer Graphene films on CU foil. All prices of CVD Graphene Films are per coated substrate or per 4 pack of coated substrates.

Monolayer Graphene On Copper

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CVD Graphene on CU

Our CVD graphene films on copper (Cu)  are grown in a class 10,000 clean room.

By etching of the underlying copper foil, the graphene can be transferred to other substrates such as glass, silicon dioxide or PET.

There haven’t been reports of degradation of the CVD graphene over time when it is kept in a safe, dry place. The copper foil with single-layer graphene may exhibit some discoloration due to slow oxidation of the copper foil but it doesn’t affect the quality of the graphene film


Showing all 7 results