Carbon Nanotubes Epoxy Composite

$475.00 - $600.00 / Per Kg

Our Carbon Nanotube Epoxy Composites takes the guess work out of utilizing CNTs legendary mechanical and conductive properties.  Get right to work with our epoxy composite and start producing stronger and thinner composites right away.

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Our Carbon Nanotubes Epoxy Composite is well suited for structural strength and durability, weight reduction for lighter, reinforced composite materials used in aerospace, automotive, marine, and sports applications. The epoxy resins is modified with well dispersed carbon nanotubes. This advanced epoxy resin composite is the latest development of our nanomaterial integration initiative and can boost the mechanical properties of epoxy composites providing the maximum performance benefits of carbon nanotubes in an easy to use form. The challenges of dispersing CNTs in an epoxy matrix are well known so we prepare the CNTs epoxy composite by grinding the dry epoxy resin in with the carbon nanotubes before mixing it. When our Carbon Nanotubes Epoxy Composite is cured by with an appropriate Bisphenol A hardener, the composite material is formed.

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Carbon Nanotubes Epoxy Composite

Carbon Nanotubes Epoxy Curing

Curing agent amine hydrogen equivalent: 100-110g/mol

Curing agent Viscosity @ 25°C (mPa•s):<200

100 parts of epoxy resin composite recommended dosage of curing agent: 48 ~ 54 parts

Curing conditions:
The epoxy resin should be used within 30min after mixing with the curing agent.

Room temperature curing or bake at 50°C for less than 1 hour.

Carbon Nanotubes Epoxy Composite Specifications


Products Name

CNT Epoxy Composite


CNTs/ Dispersant/ Epoxy resin

Composition(wt %)




Epoxy model number

D.E.R.™ 383 liquid bisphenol A epoxy resin, The DOW chemical company

D.E.R.™ 383 Epoxide equivalent weight (g/eq)


D.E.R.™ 383 Viscosity @ 25°C (mPa•s)


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