CVD Graphene On Si-SiO2 4inch


Monolayer Graphene on 4-inch (150mm) Diameter Si/SiO2 Wafer


Try our CVD Graphene films on 4″ Si/SiO2 today.

Product Specifications

Monolayer Graphene

Transparency: >97%

Graphene Coverage: 100% with sporadic adlayers (see optical image above)

FET mobility: >2700 cm2/(V∙s)

Sheet resistance*: 430 ± 50 Ω/sq

Grain size: >40 μm

Raman D/G ratio*: Indistinguishable to 0.03


Our 4-inch Si/SiO2 wafers are sourced from a reliable, quality-assured supplier.

Type/Doping: P/B

Resistivity: 1 – 10 Ω∙cm

Metal Impurities: 1.00e10 – 5.00e10 (at/cm) substrate


The indicated product metrics are generic to our process. Each graphene unit sold is accompanied by a specification sheet unique to the S/N and contains batch-specific metrics. This eliminates guesswork and ensures that you only get the best, well-characterized, and QA-passed graphene.

Safety Data Sheet


  • To ensure the maximum shelf life of your graphene sample, it is best stored under vacuum or in inert atmosphere (Argon or Nitrogen) conditions once the vacuum sealed package has been opened.
  • Please keep the product serial number you receive with your sample, as it will assist us if you have inquiries about the product. The serial number (S/N) is located on the clear vacuum-sealed bag your graphene sample arrived in and your invoice.
  • We have taken the guesswork out of your project by analyzing every piece of graphene that leaves the door. Take advantage of the data files available for your graphene batch. Contact us if you require additional characterization of your graphene.

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