Monolayer Graphene Film on Si-SIO2 – 4″ round wafer



Monolayer Graphene Film on Si-SIO2 – 4″ round wafer

Our monolayer graphene on SiO2/Si (4” Wafer, fully covered) is a bi-dimensional material produced by CVD and transferred to a circular substrate of Si/SiO2 (300nm) by a wet transfer process. We consider it to be a benchmark product in the graphene market – not only for its excellent quality, but also for its shape, size and number of applications.

Graphene Film

Transparency: > 97%

Coverage: > 95%

Thickness (theoretical): 0.345 nm

FET Electron Mobility on Al2O3: 2000 cm2/Vs

FET Electron Mobility on SiO2/Si: 4000 cm2/Vs

Sheet Resistance: 580±50 Ohms/sq (1cm x 1cm)

Grain size: Up to 10 μm

Substrate SiO2/Si

Dry Oxide Thickness: 300 nm (+/-5%)

Type/Dopant: P/Bor

Orientation: <100>

Resistivity: <0.005 Ohm·cm

Thickness: 525 +/- 20 μm Front surface:

Single Side Polished Back Surface: Etched

Particles: <10@0.3 μm

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