Flexiphene SWCNTs Paper


Try Flexiphene SWCNTs paper today! It’s an all carbon nanocomposite and is flexible and conductive. Made from our patented nanomaterial dispersion technology, put the power of Flexiphene to work in your research and commercial applications.


Flexiphene SWCNTs paper

Our Flexiphene SWCNTs paper is currently produce it by vacuum filtration.

The paper is typically 32mm diameter and 15-20um thick or 25-30um thick when measured with a micrometer.

The resistivity of our pure Flexiphene paper can range from 2-5 ohms depending on thickness and materials used. With PVDF the resistivity increases to 5-25ohms

Flexiphene paper is a flexible all carbon nanocomposite. Although its flexible somewhat, because it isn’t polymer infused, it can be easily broken by rough handling.

We can make Flexiphene SWCNTs papers with polymers to improve mechanical properties when required

Flexiphene paper can be infused with magnetic elements for EMI shielding.

The SEM’s of our Flexiphene paper show the highly dispersed SWCNTs


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