Single Layer Graphene Oxide 450nm

$190.00 - $200.00 / per gram

This product is only available in 50 gram or larger batches due to the high cost of producing it.

Our Single Layer Graphene Oxide <450nm is produced by a modified hummer’s method and features a small platelet size and high solubility in Di Water and other solvents that behave like water.  The small platelet size is ideal for ink jet applications. Graphene’s legendary electrical and thermal conductivity can be restored by reducing it to graphene by annealing it with hydrazine vapor treatments or other reduction methods. Prices are per gram.


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Single Layer Graphene Oxide 450nm

We supply Single Layer Graphene Oxide 450nm in 50 gram and larger batches.

Graphene oxide is graphite that has been oxidized to modify the carbon layers with oxygen molecules.  Graphene oxide is effectively a by-product of this oxidation. When the oxidizing agents react with graphite, the interplanar spacing between the layers of graphite becomes larger. The completely oxidized compound is hydrophillic and can easily be dispersed in a base solution such as water or other solvents thanks to GO’s high oxygen content. Our <450nm size combines the excellent dispersion properties with a small particle size, perfect for ink jet printing and a great way to make device pathways. Since graphene oxide is an electrical insulator, it is necessary to recover the honeycomb hexagonal lattice and improve conductivity by a reduction process. The presence of functional groups can be used as a platform for further controlled functionalization to tailor the GO for a specific application. We can provide single layer graphene oxide 450nm dispersions In Di Water, NMP, DCB, THF, or DMF and others. Hazmat shipping fees may apply.

Single-Layer Graphene Oxide 450nm Specifications

Size: <450nm X & Y

Thickness:  0.7-1.2 nm by AFM

Solubility:  DI Water, NMP, DCB, or DMF

Purity: 99wt%

Elemental Analysis: C: 35-42%, O: 45-55%, H: 3-5%

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Weight 1.0 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

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