Graphene Oxide Gel

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Graphene Oxide Gel

Graphene oxide gel is made from graphene oxide, an oxidized form of graphene, which is decorated with oxygen-containing groups on the edges and the basal plane. It is considered easy to process since it is dispersible in water (and many other solvents such as NMP, DMF, THF, Ethanol), and it can even be reduced to make graphene. Graphene oxide is not a good conductor due to voids in its structure from the oxidation process, but it can be reduced and it’s structure restored. When reduced it is a very good conductor. It is commonly sold in powder form, dispersed, or as a coating on substrates and now as an aqueous gel. Graphene oxide is synthesized using four basic methods: Staudenmaier, Hofmann, Brodie and Hummers. Many variations of these methods exist, with improvements constantly being explored to achieve better results and cheaper processes. The effectiveness of an oxidation process is often evaluated by the carbon/oxygen ratios of the graphene oxide.

Graphene Oxide Gel

Graphene Oxide films can be deposited on essentially any substrate, and when reduced it is converted into a conductor. This is why GO is especially fit for use in the production of transparent conductive films, like the ones used for flexible electronics, solar cells, chemical sensors and more.  The specific surface area is high and so it should be considered for use as electrode material for batteries, capacitors and solar cells. Graphene Oxide is cheaper and easier to manufacture than graphene enabling commercial applications.

Graphene oxide can easily be mixed with different polymers and other materials, and enhance properties of composite materials like tensile strength, elasticity, conductivity and more.  Such Graphene Oxide structures can be used for applications like hydrogen storage, ion conductors and nanofiltration membranes. Graphene oxide is fluorescent, which makes it especially appropriate for various medical applications. bio-sensing and disease detection, drug-carriers and antibacterial materials are just some of the possibilities graphene oxide holds for the biomedical field.

Graphene Oxide Gel SEM Image

graphene oxide gel






Graphene Oxide Gel AFM image

Graphene Oxide Gel AFM









Graphene Oxide Gel Specifications

Purity: >99wt%

Layers: <3

Thickness: 0.55-1.2nm

X & Y Dimensions: 0.5-3um

Color: Brown

Physical State: Aqueous Gel

Graphene Oxide Gel XPS Analysis

Graphene Oxide Gel XPS














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